From the Education Officer– District II–
Ms Martha C. Foster

Principals, teachers, parents and students of District 2, A Prosperous New Year to you all!

As Education Officer, I welcome you back to school as we embark on familiar territory of face-to-face instruction once again.

I encourage you to reflect on 2020 and Term one not with regret but as a time filled with events that we will never forget; a period that taught us crucial lessons. Yes! We have survived challenges, adapted like never before and embraced the unknown without hesitation.

We also remember some of the good things which happened in the last year, things which we sometimes previously have taken for granted. We were able to spend more time with our families, friends and pets, often
taking the time to make and create special memories. We caught up with things we do not normally find time for, and many people rediscovered sport, leisure and nature, taking life more slowly.

This is the time of year we often make New Year’s resolutions – things we want to achieve. Please, do not be daunted by the what seems to be a COVID cloud looming over our lives. Let us face this year, this term,
each day, with renewed spirit and strength as it is only with a positive mind-set can we continue to overcome.

As a wise philosopher once said, “if you want to grow you must befriend challenges” So, as we look toward to a new year and a new term, let us take with us all that we have learnt and utilize it to help us grow. Grow in respect, love, tolerance, acceptance and communication.

Though we may find ourselves frustrated, having to deal also with personal stressors, let us try to keep the faith. Let us remember that we are all going through the same uncertainties together and let us lift our voices and our hearts to God, asking Him for guidance in this troubled time. May we turn our fears and worries over to the One who is able to carry all of our burdens and let us ask God to replace our discontent and anxiety with joy and hope.

To conclude, I leave you with an encouraging acronym with the word
Calm – Stay calm through all of this.
Organize – Organize your thoughts, your thinking process.
Rest – Rest as much as you can.
Organize – Organize your life. We now have to rethink how we live.
Navigate – Navigate your way through this.
Accomplish – Accomplish what you set out to do.
By Belinda George; Principal Homer Drive Elementary school in Beaumont, Texas

No matter what 2021 may bring, I am certain that by working as a team
within our school communities, we will achieve whatever we aim to do.

Stay Safe, adhere to the protocols and God Bless!