December 09, 2020
from the Education Officer– District II
Ms Martha C. Foster

Dear parents of the primary and secondary schools of District Two
I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your con-certed efforts in working collaboratively with the principal and teachers entrusted with your child’s or ward’s well-being, albeit under these unprecedented circumstances.
This most certainly has been a rugged road to traverse but together we continue to improve every step of the way. As we close off Term One, let us reflect on the way in which we responded to the inevitable changes and adjust-ments which we had to make over the past six to eight months.
When we were first thrust into Online Learning our goal was to reach every student the best way we could. Toward this end, devices, as they were made available, were distributed to all schools. Our principals and staff members transformed their work plans so that their teaching strategies and techniques could reflect the needs of our students. On their end, the learning platforms were made student-friendly, and teaching was executed as creatively as possible.
Of course, we must as parents, acknowledge our role on this entire journey. We must be cognizant and accept our responsibility in ensuring that our children recog-nize and comply with the requirements for success at school. Yes the circumstances are different, the platform is unconventional, however, for as long as this pandemic persists, this will be our new normal. Therefore, student attendance must be moni-tored in much the same way as it was done when they were on site.
Understandably, you will continue to experience challenges, so please be encouraged by the support systems which are available to you. Reach out to the teachers and principals who will provide you with the necessary guidance. Remember, the signifi-cance of the word TEAM- Together Everyone Achieves More!
Consequently, we must fine tune our expectations as we look toward Term Two , with the focus being on quality education for our children, because it is only by hav-ing this as a common goal, can we together achieve success.
Moving forward, we implore you to continue to pay close attention to your child’s or ward’s time-table or schedule. I urge you to monitor their completion and sub-mission of assignments, as well as their attendance. As you by now would have real-ized, your active participation is essential, until they become more self-regulated.
Parents, I also encourage you to make your attendance at scheduled meetings a pri-ority, as your input is valued. Equally important is that the lines of communication between home and school remain open.
In closing, I ask that you be patient with the school system as we continue to do our utmost to provide our children with the best quality of education which they all de-serve. This we can and will accomplish, collaboratively.
Thank you, stay blessed and remain safe.