UPON ENTRY – Everyone accessing the compound is expected to follow the protocols and procedures as mandated by Ministry of Health.

  1. Wearing of mask is mandatory.
  2. Parents will drop off and pickup students at the gate. 
  3. Parents/Visitors must report to gate personnel.
  4. Temperature checks are mandatory for everyone accessing the compound.
  5. Sanitize or wash hands.
  6. Visitors must call ahead or make appointment. They must report to the office first.
  7. Maintain social distance.
  8. Cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue or flexed elbow when you cough or sneeze. Dispose of tissue properly.
  9. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  10. Students will be instructed to wait under the gazebos or head directly to class upon entry.


  1. The physical plant will be regularly sanitized before, during and at the end of the school day. 
  2. Students are encouraged to sanitize/wash hands frequently during the school day. The cleaners will monitor the washrooms during the school day to ensure that students comply.
  3. Students are encouraged to sanitize hands and surfaces before and after eating at their desk.
  4. Students must wash their hands before and after using the washroom.
  5. Before students safely remove mask, with sanitized hands, they must ensure there is no one within 3ft minimum.


  1. Parents are urged to keep sick children at home or seek medical attention. Please inform the school of any changes in the health status of family members in your household.
  2. Students with medical conditions or pre-existing conditions must be declared. Parents must provide their child with the prescribed medications, inhalers etc. 
  3. A tent will be set up as a sick bay to isolate students who are sick or who present any Covid-19 symptoms for immediate pick up by parents or emergency personnel. 


  1. Wearing of masks is mandatory upon entry into the school and kept on during the day by everyone on the compound. Masks must cover nose, mouth, and chin. Parents are expected to provide students with an additional mask in their bags.
  2. Absolutely no sharing of masks or reusing of soiled masks. The cloth mask must be washed at the end of the day.
  3. Students with respiratory issues can wear the face shield without a mask. Students will be allowed to take periodic breaks by removing their masks at their seats or at a safe distance from other students. They will be encouraged to follow sanitization expectations for removing masks.
  4. Mask breaks during the school day will be determined by the class teacher.
  5. Protocols on wearing of masks, handwashing and sanitizing will be part of the school’s daily expectations.


  1. Students will be given a designated seat. Encourage your child to stick to the assigned seat every day.
  2. If in need of assistance, students raise their hand, and the teacher will attend to them.
  3. If in need of stationary, it will be provided or sourced by the teacher. Absolutely, no sharing or borrowing of items from classmates.
  4. Students must avoid the unnecessary touching of railings, doors, walls etc.


  1. Students will not be allowed to leave the school compound during break and lunch. They must be given a packed lunch bag or utilize the canteen or the school feeding programme. 
  2. Students on the school feeding programme will be served in their classrooms. 
  3. The school will follow the same procedure for separate infants (10:00 am-10:15 am) and junior break (10:30am–10:45am). However, lunch break will be from (12:00pm-12:55pm) for all students.
  4. Students will sit at their desks in their respective classrooms to have break and lunch. Some flexibility will be given to students to access the canteen, washrooms and the handwash stations. 


  1. At the end of the school day, the classrooms will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in preparation of the next school day.
  2. Therefore, students must exit the premises immediately at the end of the school day. Absolutely NO loitering of students. There will be no congregating/assembling of students or parents during the school day. 
  3. All after school/enrichment/mass crowd activities have been suspended by the MOE.
  1. Parents of Kindergarten, Grade One and Grade Two students will be allowed entry into the school at dismissal time at 2:25 pm to do a QUICK PICKUP. Students will remain in the classrooms at dismissal to wait for their parents.
  2. Parents with children in both infant and junior departments are encouraged to pick up at 3:00 pm. 
  3. Dismissal at 2:55 p.m. for Juniors (Grade Three-Grade Six) will be staggered to avoid a mass exit of students at the end of the school day.
  4. Parents wishing to withdraw a child before dismissal must call ahead and are required to sign the child out.
  5. Ensure that all items such as bags, books, phones, pencil case etc. are disinfected at the end of the school day.


  1. Take the most direct route home possible from       school to home with no stops.
  2. When interacting with the public, make sure that  mask is properly worn covering, nose, mouth, and chin.
  3. On public transportation, pay exact bus fare and avoid the unnecessary handling of money.


  1. Mr. Bruce, Ms. Alphonse and Ms. Mathurin are Safety Officers for CRMS. They are responsible to reinforce and promote safety practices by everyone.
  2. A group of junior students will be utilized as Safety Officers to encourage and motivate peers to comply with the protocols.